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Bass Flys

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15 oz custom mug


Carey Special Peacock


Cased Caddis


Catch and release net


Clouser cray fish


Clouser Crayfish


Clouser Minnow


copper John size16


Crystal Bugger


Deep diver minnow




Flat Liner


Foam Grasshopper


Galloup’s Barred Mini- Dungeon




Gunner Brammer’s Imposter Musky Fly


Helgramite Nymph Fly Sz10


JJ Special size 4


Karnopps Space invader #06


Kraft fur minnow




Merkin size 2


Mudler Minnow size 10


Murdish minnow size 4


Olive Blossom Special


pink Clouser


Stonefly bead head Black Nymp


Teton Articulated Fly Box


Teton streamer vault


Tungsten cone head Sparkle Yummy


Twenty Incher Trout Fly Beaded size 10


Twenty Incher Trout Fly Beaded size 4


Woolly Bugger Sculpin


Zebra midge Black.


Zebra midge Red