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Stripping basket

Use a stripping basket on your waist to help you cast further and better control your fly line. It’s tough to make good casts when you’re fighting the water’s tug on your line or, even worse, the line is caught on rocks or seaweed. These aren’t problems when the line is coiled neatly in a basket. The cones inside the basket allow the line to drape over each cone keeping it from tangling and leaves it free for smooth casting. The New Phase stripping basket also has a hole in the top of each cone so you can pull 4-5” of heavy monofilament line from your weed whacker sticking from the top of each cone. This allows you to cast even in heavy wind and still allow your line to be controlled by the stripping basket. Patented European design is made with smooth curves allowing the line to slips easily from the basket and curves around your waist for comfort and fit.  Made from durable polypropylene, storm gray in color, comes with webbed belt and neck strap. 15” x 11” x 7”