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Hard Glide Bait Dark Bluegill 4in

Fish Lab Bio-Gill 2 piece Hard Glide Bait, Dark Bluegill, 4in 1oz

Designed to be fished with a retrieve that includes pauses and slight twitches of the rod tip, the Fish Lab Bio Gill Glide Bait darts erratically and entices trailing bass to inhale this perfect little snack. The slow sink models are designed to cover three to ten foot depths, while the suspending version is designed to reach one to five foot depths with longer pauses during the retrieve. Each Fish Lab Bio Gill Glide Bait also comes equipped with heavy duty split rings and super sharp VMC treble hooks. Incredibly realistic and available in a variety of colors, the Fish Lab Bio Gill Glide Bait gives bass a different look than standard glide baits with excellent results.